News on 7th September 2023:

We are happy to present the video of the banquet at Kawabata Shopping Arcade.

News on 21st August 2023:

Please download photos from the link below:

On 30th July

On 31st July

On 1st August

On 2nd August

On 3rd August

News on 7th August 2023: 

Please accept my biggest thank you!

Your active participation made the conference a great success. 

Photos will be uploaded on this website soon. 

News on 25th July 2023:

INFOVAYA for PCs and smartphones are ready.  

Please download the application at INFOVAYA.

News on 24th July 2023:

Please check the latest Conference Program at Program & Abstract Book.

News on 21st July 2023:

All speakers must upload the presentation file to the PC in Speaker Ready Room on the 2nd floor

We highly recommend doing this 1 hr. prior to your speech. 

News on 19th July 2023:

On Monday (31st July), we will open room 8 on the 4th floor for ISB Student-Mentor Lunch.

Please bring your lunch box and come to the room together with your Mentor. 

News on 11th July 2023:

We are happy to provide the Program & Abstract Book

 AWB workshop moved to room 2 on the 5th floor (Daily Program Overview and Floor Maps).  

Please visit PROGRAM

News on 11th July 2023:

Poster Display & Printing Service is now available.


News on 27th June 2023:

The instructions for Oral and Poster presentations were uploaded.


News on 27th June 2023:

We are calling "1 DAY Excursion: BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA & Fukuoka Tower Bus Touran excursion".

Please visit Tour Information.

News on 19th June 2023:

The workshop of Advancing Women in Biomechanics (AWB) was opened.

Please visit AWB WORKSHOP.

News on 19th June 2023:

The schedule of each presentation was uploaded. Please visit PROGRAM.

Please remind: the schedule is still subject to minor changes. The finalized program will be available as an abstract book PDF at the beginning of July.

News on 12th June 2023:

The program overview was modified. Please visit PROGRAM

News on 7th June 2023:

The program overview and program highlights were updated.

Please visit PROGRAM.

News on 8th May 2023:

To respond to many requests, we will extend the deadline for Early-bird registration to 21st May (JST 24:00).

This is THE FINAL extension of the Early-bird registration.

News on 8th May 2023:

Student Social Activities are open. Please register in advance.

News on 28th April 2023:

The EDC awards are now closed, and the winners will be announced at the conference.  

News on 19th April 2023:

The registration of "accompanied persons" is applicable only to the family member or partner who are NOT participating in the SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM.

同伴者として登録可能なのは学会発表を聴講しない 家族あるいはパートナーに限定されます。ご注意ください。

News on 7th April 2023:

The registration system was opened. Please visit "REGISTRATION".

Registration Period

Early-bird registration: until 10th May 2023 (JST, 24:00)

Standard registration: from 11th May to 3rd August 2023 (JST, 24:00)

News on 28th March 2023:

Muybridge Award Lecture was updated.  Please visit "INVITED SPEAKERS".

News on 20th March 2023:

Due to the extended deadline for abstract submission, the notification of acceptance would be in the middle of April. Thank you very much for your patience.

News on 27th February 2023:

EDC Travel Grant ISB2023 was updated. Please visit "EDC TRAVEL GRANT". 

News on 24th February 2023:

We received 1027 abstracts, thank you! 

News on 13th February 2023:

The registration fees for workshops are updated.

News on 10th February 2023:

To respond to many requests, we will extend the deadline for abstract submission to 21st February (JST 24:00).

This is THE FINAL extension of the abstract submission.

News on 29th January 2023: 

The deadline for abstract submission was extended to 14th February (JST 24:00). 

News on 19th January 2023:

Updated the list of Invited Speakers and Workshops.  

News on 12th January 2023:

The ISB/JSB congress will be held in person onsite.

The hotel booking link is open!  Please visit "hotels" tab.

Congress Chair

Prof. Hiroyuki (Hiro) NUNOME

News on 16th March 2023:

Due to extended deadline of abstract submission, all abstracts are still under review.

Notification of acceptance would be mid of April. Thank you very much for your patient.