Professor Peter Weyand 

Southern Methodist University

Dr. Peter Weyand is the Glenn Simmons Endowed Professor of Applied Physiology and Biomechanics and the Director of the Locomotor Performance Laboratory at Southern Methodist University. Prior to joining SMU, Dr. Weyand directed research efforts at Harvard University's Concord Field Station, a large animal facility specializing in terrestrial locomotion, and the Locomotion Laboratory of Rice University. Dr. Weyand's expertise on the mechanical basis of performance has led to him serving as a lead investigator on a number of high-profile projects at the intersection of biomechanics and sport policy. These include the mechanics of basketball flopping and the effects of artificial limbs on running and jumping performance. Dr. Weyand's past research subjects have included antelope, emus, rodents, and professional athletes with and without limb amputations.