Abstract Submission

Each participant is allowed to submit ONE abstract as the first author to the current congress.

You can start abstract submission from the button below.

The new deadline for abstract submission is 21st February (JST 24:00). 

You can modify the submitted abstract from the button below.

If you have questions or experience technical problems, please contact: 



Nominations for the following awards can be registered through the abstract submission system.

Please check the eligibility requirements for each award.

          David Winter Young Investigator Awards (oral)

          David Winter Young Investigator Award (poster)

         Clinical Biomechanics Award

          ISB World Athletics Award for Biomechanics

          Carlo De Luca Emerging Scientist Award

          JSB Award (oral)

          JSB Award (poster)

          Promising Scientist Award

          Jacquelin Perry Emerging Female Scientist Award  

If you have any Award queries, please contact:

Prof Tim Derrick (tderrick@iastate.edu).